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Call Atlantis Homes and schedule an appointment. Visit our office and view our modular home designs and options.

Home BudgetFirst meeting

Meet the Atlantis Homes team that will be working on your new home, from design to move-in. Discuss your plans for your new home, view our selection of over 300 home designs, and learn how we will design your dream home just for you. With some design selections made, we can obtain a price quote from the modular manufacturing company.

2 weeks after first meeting

Time to review the initial floor plans and price quotes. Ensure that the plans meet your needs and budget. Discuss your home building project with the Atlantis team so that all of your questions are answered. Then, order the Construction Drawings from the manufacturer with an initial deposit.

4 weeks after first meeting

Construction Drawings will be complete and ready for your review. Together, we'll make any necessary adjustments or alterations.

New Home Cost5 weeks after first meeting

Confirm final pricing, complete permitting applications and apply for financing.

10 to 14 weeks after first meeting

Permits will be in hand. Time to order your dream home, sign the Construction Agreement and set a delivery date!

3 Months after first meeting

Your house will be delivered today! We will be very excited for you, so the team at Atlantis Homes will welcome you to watch your custom home be set on its foundation. Bring your friends, family and a camera as memories are made!

New Home Owner5 to 6 Months after first meeting

Time to hand over the keys - move in day! You’ve made your dream home come true with Atlantis Homes - congratulations!


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*Timelines may vary based on your own unique circumstances.